What do I want to achieve this year?  Well, where do I start?

The problem is that around this time, year after year, we all make these promises to ourselves which we don’t really intend keeping.  Maybe half-heartedly.  But at least we started off with good intentions, right?

We’re all setting ourselves up to fail; being either too specific, or being too unrealistic.  See the bike rusting away in the garage, the gym membership going to waste, or the language book left unread.

We don’t need a change of habit, we need a change of perspective.  If you don’t ask the right questions, you’ll never find the answers that you need to hear.  I’ll share a couple of questions that I’m going to be asking myself this year instead:

  1. Who you are is more important than what you do.  Who do you want to be?
  2. What if it all goes wrong?  You will never be sure.  Take a leap of faith.

So rather than set myself arbitrary ‘goals’ that I may never achieve, this year I need to be able to provide some answers to these questions.  Many thanks to John O’Nolan; a person from whom I drew a lot of inspiration for this post.  A very wise chap.

What do you want to do this year?  Or really, who do you want to be?