Single-issue tweeting

It seems that there are some unique species of tweeters out there in the twitter sphere.  Currently in focus through my social media binoculars is the ‘single-issue tweeter’ (Bill Oddie eat your heart out).  Niall Pemberton and myself have been plagued in recent weeks and months by such users.

We’ll often tweet or retweet about human rights or what’s happening in the third sector, and immediately gain a few followers, but as soon as one of us happens to tweet about football or the latest cinema release, we lose them.  Thankfully these Twitter users seem to be the exception, not the rule.

I suppose my question is, as we’re operating personal accounts, do our Twitter followers expect us to tweet about the same topic 24/7?  For example, I expect organisations such as Human Rights Watch and NHS Blood to tweet about their core messages all the time.

Have you come across the single-issue tweeter?