As a bit of a follow-up to last year’s resolutions I’ve been thinking about not just what I want to achieve this year, but how I want to live this year.

I’ll flesh this out more over the coming days and weeks, but so far I’ve come up with: stay focussed, de-clutter, pursue passions, live more sustainably.


I thought I’d start off with a link to a book that I’m reading by Khoi Tu called Superteams: The Secrets of Stellar Performance From Seven Legendary Teams.  The book devotes a chapter to each team, with one of the teams featured being the British Red Cross delegation that went to Haiti in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake in 2010.

I’ve opted for the Kindle edition as I’m not a big fan of hardback books.  But perhaps the best bit?  Khoi Tu will donate all his royalties from the sale of Superteams to the British Red Cross, which works both in the UK and overseas.