These boots are made for walkin’

Walking is a big part of my life. Most weekends you’ll find me up a mountain of some sort, and these boots get me there.

I’m enjoying the reflective nature of this photography project and my subject(s) are a worthy inclusion in the ‘Seven Days of Self’ series as my second shot.

These boots are very special to me as I got them specifically for an expedition to Nicaragua and Costa Rica in 2015.  I needed a pair of good-fitting, hard-wearing boots to see me through three months of solid graft.  And you know what?  They did me proud.  They’re made by Altberg in Yorkshire and I can heartily recommend them as they’ve been getting me up (and down) mountains ever since.

I went for an impromptu walk today and so it was after 6pm before I got back to shoot this image.  The light wasn’t great at this time as you can imagine on the last day of March, and so I swapped in my 50mm lens as I knew I could go down to f/1.4 if need be.  The shutter speed I used was certainly too slow for handheld shooting but I’ll admit I was rushing as the light was fading!  I could have afforded to increase the ISO.  You live and learn!

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Canon 6D Mk2 + EF 50mm f/1.4 USM @ 50mm | 1/25 sec at f/4 | ISO 200