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I like trying new things and especially new tastes, be it food or drink.  Some time ago I had the pleasure of trying something different from an authentic Italian restaurant in Manchester, and it left a lasting impression on me.  I present to you:

Chinotto, made from the juice of the fruit of the myrtle-leaved orange tree.

It appears much like a bottle of cola, but don’t let that deceive you.  You’ll find a refreshing but noticeably more bitter taste.  The myrtle-leaved orange tree (citrus myrtifolia) has been drunk since antiquity, so you’re trying something with a bit of heritage!

Next time when you’re dining out, don’t reach for a bottle of cola or a Sicilian lemonade, make your next drink a chinotto.



Around a year and a half ago I picked up swimming again. Hands-down it’s been the best thing I’ve done for my physical health and mental wellbeing. It’s tough, but I have an absolute blast each time I go for a swim.

I’m now part of a community of swimmers that meet regularly and get put through our paces for a solid hour. My goals have changed from ‘don’t sink’ to ‘how far past 2km can I go?’

To infinity, and beyond!

That’s what cinema is to me; escapism, the firing of the imagination. A place of wonder and delight! And that’s why ‘movie night’ is special for me.

Whether it’s curled up on the sofa watching a thriller in the midst of a storm (making sure the doors are locked!) or going out with friends on a Summer’s evening to see the latest action spectacular… films are great!

This was my most technical shoot yet, and my most satisfying. Erm sure, I may have butchered a few things in the editing suite… but most importantly it gave me the taste for more!  To keep experimenting!  To make this shoot happen, I used the following:

Perfect clarity

I like to be able to see what I’m doing.  Whether I’m watching a film, exploring a new city, or simply taking in the view from the top of a mountain.

But I’ve always done these activities wearing glasses… for about the past 10 years in fact.  Well, not anymore!  Thanks to laser eye surgery I can finally ditch the glasses!  So this photo is part-celebration, but also a nod to a pair of trusty specs that have seen me through some adventures.

Lens culture

Unsurprisingly, photography is one of my passion projects. I’ll be the first to admit I screw things up more than I get them right when it comes to taking great photos, but it never puts me off, nor dampens my spirit. I’m here to learn! For e.g. during the prep for this latest shot I’ve discovered I’ve misplaced more than my fair share of SD cards. May they rest in peace.

Who I Am

For the relaunch of my blog, I thought I’d start by introducing myself.

I’m an analyst, humanitarian, active citizen. That’s me!

I listen to people’s stories; their hopes and dreams, their fears. I’ve realised that the more I hear, the less I truly know about the world. My hunger for knowledge and truth is stronger than it’s ever been.

This blog is my space to share my thoughts, observations, and experiences, such as they are.

That sounds a bit serious, doesn’t it? It needn’t be. I’ll mention anything that I think is interesting; whether it’s the arts or culture, science & technology, or perhaps some food that I’ve found particularly tasty.

I’m also hoping to document much of this with photos, starting with my first ever photography project, Seven Days of Self to get more hands-on with my camera and take my photos to the next level.  In theory!

I’ll be posting my photos here as well: