It’s sublime, what more is there to say?

During a busy working day I like the peace and serenity that a cup of tea can provide. I find it quietens the mind, and lifts the soul.

I acquired this cup from a colleague who retired. It’s now my favourite, but I honestly don’t know where it’s from. There’s no stamp or maker’s mark anywhere to be found. It has a handy lid to keep your tea warmer for longer. The king of cups.

I used a very slow shutter speed because my subject wasn’t going anywhere and I had my trusty tripod set up, keeping the camera perfectly still.  I opted for an aperture of f/4, as any wider, the spoon became even more unfocused, and particularly at f1.4, so too did the handle.

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Canon 6D Mk2 + EF 50mm f/1.4 USM @ 50mm | 1/13 sec at f/4 | ISO 100